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in nature. tennessee street we're seeing wilson avenue, some very light showers. some rain now. very light. berkeley, drizzle. and damey city, you can sigh light rain haegd towards highway 35. down towards south bay, that viewer just tweeted it's pretty much drizzle. it's going to be slick on roadways. the difference between this storm and other storms, this one is cold. snow starting to approach moving into n.right now. no chain controls now. i expect they will pult up chain controls shortly here. temperatures a good two to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, it's breezy out there now. winds picking up. showers and snow levels 1500 to 2000 feet and freezing nights. you're going to feel the chill. the system coming out of the gulf of alaska it's a cold storm. speck yeld clouds is the coldest air of the season so far. heading into friday morning so we'll go with cold light showers. you'll see k67 p.m. showers here or there. showers may be more wide spread at 10:00 p.m. low snow levels up to the north. 5:00 a.m. thursday, we'll see showers along the coast goinging to be the best possibility. l
arkansas, western tennessee, western mississippi and right down into louisiana as well. this is an area of low pressure which is also bringing that rain back into northern texas. it's all rain right now. we're done with the snow as warmer air tries to work into this system. this heavy rain is coming in the form of very strong thunderstorms. we have a lot of cloud to ground lightning. an area where we could see some isolated tornadoes as well. it will start to push eastward. but it's a slow process. over the next 48 hours, this area in lower and orange here, from arkansas down to louisiana, could end up to 3 to 4 inches of rain. out ahead of this system, it looks temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees above normal. that includes new york city as well. mara? >> thanks so much, dylan. >>> an asteroid fly-by. >>> plus, what should have been a fun adventure ends tragically for two men inside this giant, inflatable ball. you're watching first look on msnbc. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guaran
in smyrna, tennessee. nissan, however, is remaing mum on how many cars will be produced. sales of the leaf in the u.s. are being called disapointing, with just under 10,000 sold. meanwhile, sales of gm's electric hybrid, the chevy volt, topped 23,000 last year. apple may have a cheaper iphone in the works. according to the wall street journal, apple is considering creating a less expensive version of the popular device. the iphone would be made from less costly materials such as polycarbonite plastic or even materials recovered from used iphones. apple has not confirmed or denied the report. still to come, our resident film critic is here with his list of oscar picks. the films and actors that could make the cut this year are coming up in movies and money. but first, why automakers are adding a new curve to this year's consumer electronics show. chuck coppola has details after the break. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in
is going to sit over louisiana, through arkansas and eventually push into kentucky and tennessee and stay there for a while. it's not moving east ward all that quickly. and you can see the heavy rain and thunderstorms all across the gulf coast. right through louisiana. stretching right up into northwestern parts of mississippi as well. and a closer look shows you just how much lightning is associated with these thunderstorms as well. it's just streaming in off the gulf of mexico. and that is going to allow perhaps two to four inches of rain to fall in this area. and again, that's over the next 48 hours. and it will slowly spread eastward. that's a look at the weather across the country. now, here's a peek out your window. >> the new york city is 48 degrees. not bad, above average. we're also looking at temperatures today to top out in the upper 50s. and charlotte north carolina, looks pretty did there. minus a couple showers in orlando, florida, 81 degrees. >> so really the entire east coast enjoying above-average temperatures. florida's about 10 degrees above average. >> i love it when y
career has been played in a 72-degree dome and college career played in the mild tennessee. so how you stack these quarterbacks up obviously one is more experiences sure but you will be talking about serious cold. 20-degree weather. that's a -- weather is going to play a big role in this, it's going to come down to how the quarterback dresses, whether he uses a grove or not. we know that peyton will go in with a right handed glove. it's all going to be about that. one stat i want to tell you is that -- last time peyton played was back on december 30th they blew out kansas city but the temperature was 35 degrees. that's interesting. that was the only game where he played last season with temperatures below 40 degrees. we will see how it comes about. right now certainly favoring maybe a ravens win. >> all right. this is our hot topic. who do you think wins knowing will be so cold? go to facebook and tell us what you think. our team already in denver tonight. we have a text from jamie. he said that they say it's 41 but it feels like 21. they are getting used to the weather and the altitu
bring me back ♪ i miss my tennessee home i've been away way too long i can't see this world ♪ ♪ unless i go outside my southern comfort zone look away ♪ ♪ look away i wish i was in dixie away ♪ ♪ look away i wish i was in the land of cotton ♪ i wish i was in dixie away ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: brad paisley's new album comes out april 9th. you can see a bonus song at thanks to brad, thanks to ryan gosling, thanks to will farrell. apologizes to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow, dr. oz and music from bruno mars. watch "nightline." good night. >>> tonight on "nightline," college gone wild. co-ed partying turned into big business, passed out, wasted and all over youtube. but could being smashed cost these kids a future career? >>> billion-dollar losers? overseas companies accused of massive investment fraud, possibly bigger mthan madoff. we investigate. >>> and a crash course in body ink at the famous tattoo school. two weeks, countless needles, and plenty of human guinea pigs to help out. >>> keep i >>> from new york city,
-- jobbies. -- rockies. the warmth is going to be pushed northward through the ohio valley, the tennessee valley, toward the mid-atlantic here. by saturday 60s. by sunday we will have some 70- degree readings i believe in our region. it will be barely above zero in bismarck. all of this because of the storm down in texas. there's another big storm out on the west coast with the rains along the coast. the mountain snows inland. these will pile up here quite a bit. the rain has been piling up in texas yesterday. today louisiana along with the threat for severe weather, but that storm is lifting more to the north than the east. still, we're going to get some clouds out of this later today, tonight, as they'll be streaming in from the west. then tomorrow afternoon we're going to get some rain in here. so that the commute home friday or the getaway friday afternoon, friday evening is going to be a slow one. that's why i'm going to yell loy' letter -- yellow alert tomorrow. today 54, at least the way we're going. tonight 235 to 40. tomorrow -- 35 to 40. tomorrow dry in the morning. rain and sho
of letting up. congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee says she wanted to start the new year off right, by proposing to cut federal funding for planned parenthood. blackburn reintroduced legislation originally championed by former congressman mike pence. his bill went nowhere, but that wasn't stopping blackburn. the measure would prevent the department of health and human services from allocating funds for family planning assistance. blackburn explained her mission to mike huckabee earlier this week. >> it is the right type of fight to have on so many different levels. we know that planned parenthood is basically big abortion business. >> really? of course, if you are a person who likes to deal in facts, you know that only 3% of planned parenthood's services are abortion services, and no, i say no federal money is used. as for the other 97%, those services include cancer screenings, std screenings, contraceptive services. and one in five women will visit planned parenthood at least once in her lifetime. blackburn's bill will go nowhere, even if the how many times votes on it and it pas
they shipped some to tennessee. thithey are trying to boost u.s. sells after falling short last year. the supreme court is showing some opposition to warrantless blood test during drunk driving police stops. they heard today about a stop in kansas city. they are debating whether the draw ofg blood should require a warrant. a decision is expected by summer. >> it appear it is president has made his pick for treasury secretary. jack lew is expected to be knock nated -- nominated by if end of the week. it'sreported that lew was tapped because of his knowledge of the federal budget and his no drama style but some republicans are expecting a bumpy conformation time. >> aig will not join a lawsuit against the federal government over the bail out that saved the company from bankruptcy. theboard was legally bound to consider become part of the suit and today decided not to. thecompany's former ceo filed the suit saying the conditions o' of the bail out were unfair. thegovernment sold its share in aig and made a profit. the dow gained 60 points and nasdaq gained 14. . >> the owners of the
't imagine the unspeakable grief in murphiesboro, tennessee, when we talk to the leaders in the muslim community and they tell me my kid doesn't want to go to school today because everybody is telling him, go home, you terrorist. i can't imagine the unspeakable grief in suburban minneapolis when the somali kids are told, you have to go home, you terrorists, get out of our community. they were born here, this is their community. i can't imagine the unspeakable fear in the aftermath of that horrible incident involving the murder outside of milwaukee, wisconsin, and you read the data showing here in the bay area the number of siekh american kids who reported they had been harassed in 2010. so we have a lot of work to do in sioux falls, south dakota, in buffalo, new york, in the bay area, across the country. we're doing just that. and the extent to which the profile of this issue has been raised in recent years i think is a remarkable trib bought to all of you in this room. it's a trib bought to this president. i had the privilege of going to the summit that the president held. he has
severe weather across the gulf coast for today. but across the tennessee valley they're doling with some wet weather. that will stay away from us, we are going to be dealing with temperatures that are going to move to the higher place through time. i'm going to show you that in just a moment but let me put this into motion so you can see the area of low pressure will stay off to the north and west. by friday that's when we will have the chance for some showers working their way in during the evening time frame and then things start to improve. this is what we have for today. the high temperature at 52 degrees and this is the seven day forecast. look at the 60s. 60 on saturday and 65 as we head into sunday. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>> good morning lynette. well we are following several accidents. we have big problems on 83 in baltimore county. there's an overturned tractor- trailer that has shut down the northbound lanes at belfast road. one shoulder is getting by at this time. so you will want to stick with york road as the alte
shakespeare or tennessee williams. a book party will be held to honor these newly published student authors. beth parker has their story. >> hello my name is thadius the fourth, i am, well, a very intellectually gifted. >> reporter: his real name is danny he and sarah are portraying children. >> you would be the captain and i would be on the lookout for the evil martian. >> reporter: they are both professional actors but the play was written by a 8th grader. >> i got the idea for my play by reading a lot of books and eating a lot of bacon. >> reporter: once a week the nonprofits take over a student's english class. kids of all ages write their own plays. >> it was cool because it wasn't really about the grade, it was more about just creativity and having fun. >> reporter: young playwrights theatre was founded here in columbia heights 17 years ago they are in schools in dc, maryland and virginia. they have decided to publish a book. >> it is not every day you get to say you have your play in a book, and you know, you don't know who across the country will pick up the book and read it. >> rep
through memphis, tennessee, through the ohio river valley. we'll keep you posted certainly martha throughout the day and bill. we could see a volatile situation unfolding. back to you. >> thank you for that, janice. we'll keep an eye on it. bill: there are new reports the legacy of the deadly terror attack in libya is looming large over the future of the u.s. involvement in afghanistan. president obama meets with hamid karzai late tomorrow in fact. the attack in benghazi reportedly a driving factor in the ultimate decision in how large of a force to leave behind. john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. welcome back. what do you make of this? how do you put this together? >> i think it has got our priorities backwards. if taliban takes control again in afghanistan, we won't have to worry about protecting drone bases or diplomats because we won't be there at all. and i think this is part of the unreality of the obama administration's approach there. the low troop numbers that they're contemplating, that they will be discussing with president karzai will
to him when he ran for election. people turned him back florida, i would say it's tennessee. the people who knew him best knew he shouldn't be allowed near that presidency. i think it broke his spirit. he decided to make any deal with any hot devil that he could. he chose global warming. and now he is probably worth north of a quarter billion dollars. good for him. i'm glad he is rich. if thinks we haven't noticed is he a big hack who is completely full of it, i don't know who is kidding who. >> bill: last night we had a discussion about welfare recipients. a few of them. not many. a few here in new york. [ laughter ] bill. >> really, billy? i haven't seen the work. >> bill: they did a freedom of information act. came up with a few people using welfare cards and strip joints and gambling places and booze places, all right? so then we brought on jimmy mcmillan who uses the street to say this. seriously do you think somebody is going to walk into a strip club because they want to get some of their welfare benefits and walk out? come on. >> i'm a former stripper. >> bill: you are a former
is jobs and the economy, the first days of the 2013 congress, two representatives from tennessee seem most focused on planned parenthood. the republican women each reintroduced separate bills to prohibit title x family planning grants to any organization performing boergss. title x family planning is only one for family planning and related health services and it was enacted under nixon. title x programs work with more than 5 million people through 4,500 clinics in the u.s. and especially important in helping low-income families. that's the intent. now a bill to defund planned parenthood stripping it of the financial support is proffered twice. notice guest spot today, laura basset, political reporter and her latest story on the bills is running right now and, laura, you know, we had the election where the president won single women by 35 points partly because of comments of people like mourdock and pushing anti-choice provisions. is this how republicans want to start the session? >> you know, i think the point that people often forget is planned parenthood has a pretty powerful political
proposed in tennessee in alabama, and in virginia. for more on that i'm joined by virginia democratic party chair charniele herring. where the nra is based. she's coming from richmond virginia welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you for having me. >> jennifer: you bet. virginia is now considering a measure to arm teachers. do you think that will prevent school violence? >> no, i do not. what will prevent school violence is a measured, practical, and realistic approach. arming teachers is a concept that is rejected by most virginians, and i'll tell you why. teachers are trained to teach. police officers are trained to protect the community. it takes time and experience to develop the adjustment in a crisis situation. police officers have that training. teachers don't. you know, a couple of hours of training for a teacher to carry a firearm is one thing. a crisis situation is something else. >> jennifer: so i'm interested in this. your colleague or your a colleague in the legislation bob marshall proposed that very measure. he was in "the war room" this week and i would love for you to ta
and big thunderstorms down in through mississippi and headed to the north and west tennessee and even into st. louis area with a rumble of thunder tonight in st. louis and you might hear the rumble of thunder tomorrow north of town. we'll zoom in, just some clouds rolling in right away. nothing to worry about. dry conditions and we will stay dry at least through tonight and probably most of tomorrow morning. temperatures, 48 in bethesda. 51 in arlington, 49 in fairfax. 47 in springfield. 51 at college park and 46 over in bowie. so the temperatures are still well above average for this time of the year and the day. now a few showers are on the way. dry tonight. mainly dry for the morning commute. there will be some wet roads in the evening. and especially north of town. rockville, frederick, going up that way. and certainly out towards leesburg, more to the west too. and a rumble of thunder is not out of the question yet. like april over the weekend, we'll be caught in a time warp over the weekend. future cast is 6:30 in the morning. no green blobs. clouds are increasing by lunchtime.
back home in tennessee asked me last night, because you know how carol burnett used to do this? to say hi to her mom? they want me to say hi. they try to watch everything i'm on. so doing this or this, you know, is way too -- so i may do something. >> that's a little bit whacky? >> so if i do it -- >> twitch or something weird. >> tell us about your daughter running against mitch mcconnell. >> there you go. we got to play trivia. we got to hear it, is your daughter going to run against mitch mcconnell? very important. >> brandi's cat happened to walk by with a hair ball last night. so good. >> is she or is she not going to run against mitch mcconnell? dying to know. >> dateline hoda. >> dying to know, dying to know. >> i don't know. and you know i would tell you if i knew. i would be like spray painting it over overpasses and water towers. we really don't know. >> we'll wait and see on that. >> but i can say, if she was, she'd be so perfect, because ashley is very transparent. she will tell you the truth. she loves kentucky, our people in kentucky. >> you have a birthday coming up, we
in practice. >> god willing and the creek don't rise, he's going to play. tennessee ernie ford? who is it? [ pause ] >> it is? [ laughter ] >> i thought that was jack harbaugh. >> okay. that's not the first time harbaugh has gone to what we like to call, harbaugh-isms. here are some of the classics. >> you know, probably want to peel back the onion here some more. >> that's the low hanging fruit. >> one man sharper than another. >> like always the rising tied lifts all shipps. >> gobble, gobble, gobble. >> from jive turkey gobblers. >> i can't tell you how many times he said dennis are you going after that low franking fruit again? meaning obvious questions. captions by: caption colorado ed phone-ups available 24 call 1-800-progressive. to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ ♪ undeniable ♪ (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest bre
of the bigger questions when you look at the greater ceconomy, when you talk to people, especially in tennessee, the senate hasn't passed a budget in almost four years. the congress on the house side is having a hard time dealing with the debt ceiling. the uncertainty of whether there's going to be road program dollars, what the dollars are going to look like in education. nobody is planning outside of two months because they don't know what the debt ceiling is bowing to be, for the federal spending is going to be. a lot of private companies have a lot of money kind of in the bank waiting to see what finally happens so they can get on their with life. >> chip saltzman. karen finney. i'm sure we'll talk again. thank you so much. >>> also making news this morning, flu cases are surging across the country with health officials saying it's spreading much faster than usual. nbc's kevin tibbles is joining me from where emergency rooms are taking patients. 41 states have the serious problem. what are you hearing there? >> well, what we're hearing here at the st. francis hospital is that they are very
but rather tennessee ernie ford whom coach jim harbaugh invoked wednesday when asked whether the ailing justin smith would be ready for >> god willing in the creek don't rise he is one to play it. >> reporter: saturdays big game. a perhaps bigger question is whether the coach is ready to name his starting kicker? >> we have not made our announcement yet. >> reporter: david akers? >> so far, and he has had a good weekend. >> reporter: or new under- study billy cundiff who was seen this ick? >> it was a good experience for him to check on that surface. bailey is doing a good job. >> reporter: either way, harbaugh says the 49ers have their work cut out for them against a green bay team that is second to none. >> offensively, this is simply the best. defensively, right there, the best special teams of the same. >> reporter: twenty questions with coach harbaugh is just that, mostly questions, but he was a bit more talkative about his team's eagerness to get back on the field after two weeks off. as for the question about kickers, harbaugh says the decision might not be made until an hour or
in japan, but will now be made at a plant in tennessee. >> the auto maker says, it is working to manufacture 85% of the cars it sells in the u.s.. in the north america by 2015. >> however, the leaf is not a commercial success it was expected to be with total sales still under 10,000. >> the consumer financial protection bureau has rolled out new rules designed to ensure the mortgage borrowers can afford to repay the loans they take out. >> according to the rules, which take effect next year, lenders will be required to verify and inspect barrels financial records. saddling are also long they bristol in 43 percent of persons and oil income. and risky interest only and no documentation loan that helped inflate the housing bubble will be banned. >> retail sales climbed 2.5% for the november and december. , boosted by a last-minute shopping surge. >> a holiday shopping season, which accounts for as much as 40% of net revenue for retailers, was respectable but not robust. >> shop tracks, which analyzes customer traffic, says shoppers spent 249 billion, according to preliminary sell
in tennessee. it already has a battery plant in the united states and plans to build the new car assembly plant right next door to that one. last year nissan sold nearly 10,000 models of the leaf. that was up 1 1/2% from the year before. and then there's this, take a look at this video. at first glance, you may think well, this looks like a lion. right dagen? dagen: no it doesn't look like is a lion. it is a dog. connell: i see. but many people in nor folk virginia dagen's home state they were calling 911 reporting there was a lion siting. -- lion sighting. the police quickly called the local zoo. as dagen pointed it out, it is a dog. nice looking dog. the owner had taken him to the groomers and the owner is a big fan of old dominion university, their mascot is a lion, said make my dog look like a lion, this is what they came up with. dagen: as my daddy might say, they called the police because folks are stupid. connell: the poor dog. dagen: you know what? the dog doesn't care. it is a dog. and not a lion by the way. dagen: tom donahue unveiling his new agenda to attack our nation's fiscal chal
, again into tennessee and kentucky, and still down across the south. because of the very heavy rain that's fallen, major flooding all across the mississippi river valley, flood warnings in effect down across parts of louisiana as well. the other story is out across parts of the west. winter returning again. it's been so warm for so many people, but we have cold air and winter storm watches in effect all across the rockies, good news across those ski areas, and across northern parts of minnesota and wisconsin. we're going to be looking at an icing event for tomorrow. jon? jon: rick reichmuth, thank you. jenna: we're awaiting a judge's decision on whether there's enough evidence to put james holmes on trial. now, after three days of chilling testimony, families of victims who saw the accused shooter in court and saw all that was presented so far say they were, obviously, very disturbed by his behavior. >> he was absolutely smirking. mainly when his weapons are shown, mainly when he sees himself on his cell phone pictures. not so much when you see the 911 tapes or the people, um, that were
-down approach with rigid rules and programs. mayor ron littlefield of chattanooga tennessee said in one of our roundtables that it's important that different regions learn an even par a workable from each other. we can be a clearinghouse of good ideas and share solutions that have worked together as the country. this helps avoid past mistakes, but also provide solid evidence that there is a solution that can work and you can take to your counsels some legislators and voters because it's important that workable solution skip it on the table. we heard over and over again how can our roundtables and scholarly papers, they need to the right talent between business and government created the conservation leadership or airship to evaluate and explore entrepreneurial base solution that can entice everybody, conservatives, liberals, rastafarians, never can be here, but the shared goal of conserving our environment. at the roundtable, we heard first-hand from secretary of natural resources about how the challenges are having today trying to manage public lands with dwindling public funding and rigid fe
in knoxville, tennessee, on our independent line. hi, jeff. caller: good morning. how are you? host: good. caller: i'm about to agree very much with the guy from pennsylvania. you know, i've seen it start out like the lady was talking about with the illegals in lawn care. it leads from lawn care to the roofing to the painting to, you know, the restaurants. there is a lot of americans -- and i'm one of them. i have three children. my wife works, thank god. we're living on about less than -- by the time our insurance comes out of my wife's check, we're living on less than $300 a week. mortgage payment, car payment, insurance, you know, really, something needs to be done, but you cannot rely on washington. they are so dysfunctional. instead of worrying about our own borders, we're in the middle east worrying about everybody else's. host: so, jeff, what would you change? what would you change? caller: well, what i would change, we would do something serious about border control. host: border control. caller: yes. host: ok. caller: you know, you have to stop the inflow of illegals. you have to
, yeah. i think it was blackburn of tennessee had an interesting approach to the spending cutting. she introduced in our bills. one was to cut across the board spending by 1%. second was across the board spinding cuts by 5%. the fourth is by 15%. you're putting out your markers if you don't like this one take that one. >> peter: multiple choice legislation. >> the deal here is that members are just trying -- keep in mind, bills don't pass anyway. they'll introduce 7,000 bills in the house this year and they'll pass, if they're lucky 100 and 80 will be post office namings. all legislation is a joke to start with. these are the ones that members care about most and want to get out first and want to be able to say i was first on this issue. >> peter: how many bills have been put out in this new congress? >> about 200. >> peter: how many days have they worked? >> two. keep in mind, they reserve -- there are still a lot of spaces reserved. the first 20 bills have not yet been introduced. these are the bills that will actually matter. when you have a gun control bill of some sort supported b
in america. the green car has been made exclusively in japan, but will now be made at a plant in tennessee. the automaker says it is working to manufacture 85% of the cars is sales to the u.s.. in north america by 2015. however, the lease is not the commercial success it was expected to bay, with total sales still under 10,000. total sales still under 10,000. (dog) oglarry,rrrry,rrrrryrr. . ? push-ushps or orintri whatwh wro w wit wfetcfe or o? let'les do tdos las y!y! ooh,oo i got gt, it,ot iot (narraarr) tr) cal cie-siert rtnutrnuion io ben bul hullthylt includesudrainraand anal alickeic includesbecabeusend anal ehealhey doy is aislayfla dog d beneful fualthalweigwe. fi. us bto help elt mot pla pin yinrs rday.da >> welcome back. it is 7:15 a.m.. we are taking a live look as storm tracker 4. we have picked up some light rain in the santa cruz mountains. this is along highway 9 and it also have a light dusting of snow. it is really not too much moisture behind this call from. we still may see some light showers before noon. i think the bigger story is the cold air that is filtering into
't top hitler. >> stephanie: exactly. mike in tennessee you are on the "stephanie miller show." welcome. hi, mike. >> caller: hey, good morning, steph. i was thinking about -- my wife is a teacher, and we were talking about gun control, and the same people who date of birth want to pay her better want to break up the union, and they want her to carry a gun, and they don't want to offer hazardous duty pay or anything like that. >> stephanie: that's right. they spent how long demonizing teachers across the country in state after state, and absolutely. >> caller: exactly. >> stephanie: it's incredible. it really is. do you know a teacher that thinks that is a good idea? it's really. i was talking to representative welch, new york my home state got er done of marriage equality and gun control. new york prosecutors show bipartisan gun control can be done. on tuesday 62 elected district attorneys adopted a list of measure. including closing the gun show loophole, it was a group of republicans and democrats coming together to talk about gun control. and people are saying
, into the tennessee valley and heading toward o viewers there, get ready. scotch guard things. today, right now in cleveland, ohio, 28 degrees. about the same for chicago. a little warmer in minneapolis. 41 in kansas city. 40s and 50s across much of texas. 50s and 60s across much of dixie land. but that cold front is moving through. today's daytime highs, it should be 60 in raleigh. 63 in atlanta. the spot to be on this map would be tampa, florida. 86 later today. that's your fox travelcast. gretch, brian, back in to you. >> gretchen: it makes sense to have the diamond ring 'cause the diamond ring is already on the luxury tax card, isn't it? >> brian: yeah, i believe it is. that's also a risk and a purchase that many people don't feel as though they want to. steve, the thimble, you know i'm going for the thimble. you heard him mention he wants it out. not a word from doocy defending my support of the thimble. >> steve: that's what -- you want the thimble out. i said i'd like to see the wheelbarrow go out. folks out there, what would you like to see go and what would you like to see replace it?
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